Booking with Kyle Cotterman


As of Nov.1 2016 the way I am making appointments is permanently changing! I will no longer have an open email system due to the overwhelming number of emails I have been getting.

From now on the appointment book will be open only 4 times a year. Emails will be accepted through No appointments will be made over Facebook, Instagram, phone etc. This is the list of dates/times the appointment book will be open.

June 25th 2018 at 10am EST

That means on those certain dates and times, the book will be open to send appointment requests and ideas. I will only have roughly 45 spots open each time I open the book. Priority given to in process pieces. Due to the amounts of emails and requests, unfortunately not everyone will be able to get tattooed.

This system is in the best interest for the both of us. It will allow for a more fair and even chance to have your tattoo request reviewed and possibly scheduled.

I apologize sincerely to everyone that has tried to book an appointment in the past. I understand it is frustrating not being able to get a response, but I'm hoping this is the answer. This system will also be able to let me know if your idea is something I am willing to do or not. I just don't want to leave people hanging anymore. If you have sent an email in the past, you will have to send all info again.

• I am only taking appointments for realism, portrait, abstract, & surreal type of work. AT THIS POINT IN TIME I DO NOT DO TOUCHUPS, RE-DOS, OR COVERUPS.

• I do not tattoo STOMACHS, SIDES, or NECKS!!! Absolutely no exceptions. I flat out hate tattooing these areas.

• Pre-exsisting customers get top priority, but when the spaces are filled, the appointment books are closed until next time I schedule.

• A deposit (via PAYPAL) is due within 48 hours of making an appointment. That deposit will save your spot on the books, and be used towards the price of your tattoo. No refunds, non negotiable. Miss your appointment and lose your deposit. I am not here for your convenience. Rescheduling must be made at least two week in advance to be able to carry your deposit forward.

• Prices and session prices vary. Price will be discussed if your email is accepted for tattoo.

• Minimum of 3 hours for any session.

• Tattoos TAKE A WHILE, so please be prepared to be here for the day! It usually takes an hour or more to finish preparations once the client arrives. Make sure you either eat before you come, or bring a few snacks and maybe some drinks to keep hydrated. You are also welcome to bring a friend for support, but try to keep it minimal. Its a lot easier to focus when you don't have a bunch of people staring at you waiting to see how you react to getting tattooed.

• Tattoos HURT!!!! Though its easier when you are calm and focused. Believe me I know how tattoos feel, I have a ton of them. But if you want me to be able to do my job more efficiently and in a timely manner, just prepare yourself! A lot of getting tattooed is mind over matter. So try to remember that while getting worked on.






Color or Black and Gray?:

Location of tattoo?:


Please provide any references or pictures you may have that will further assist me in figuring out the best tattoo for you. They don't have to be exact pics of what you want, but its good to give me a solid idea of the things similar to what you are looking for. Also remember that higher resolution pictures are best. If you are trying to send a portrait, take it out of the frame and scan it! Please no cell phone shots. Blurry pictures are really hard to work from so try and send HD images

Thanks for reading all the info and filling out the questions. I appreciate your patience. Please send back on one of the listed dates and times above.

Please Email me at: